San Jose State University Content Migration

July 2021 - January 2022
Content migration team

Responsibilities: Formatting web content, migration tracking spreadsheets, accessibility and usability scans

Technology: Omni CMS (formerly OU Campus), HTML, Notepad++, GatherContent, Slickplan, G Suite, SortSite

Project Summary

6-month contract, web content migration specialist

I had the pleasure of working on this web migration project as part of the team at Barkely REI, a digital agency specializing in higher education. The project was to take San Jose State University’s (SJSU) more than 200+ web sites and migrate them into a new design, creating a unified site.

I personally formatted more than 800 web pages, within 25 sites, following best practices and client brand guidelines. I was recognized for my attention to detail and ability to work independently. I accurately structured sites according to new site maps and pplied site maps built in SlickPlan to pages built in OU Campus CMS.

I always enjoy the chance to learn new software and on this project I quickly learned SlickPlan (site map software), GatherContent (written and visual content) and OU Campus CMS.