University of Chicago

November 2018  - January 2019
Email production and development

Responsibilities: HTML email production

Technology: Marketo Email Management System (EMS), Drupal, HTML, Wrike project management software

Project Summary

I was brought on as a short-term member of a high volume in-house communications department to allow senior team members to focus on development projects. I worked on the digital communications team where I collaborated on email and web projects for a variety of institutional clients across the university.

It was a lot of fun to be part of such a busy and productive team and it required me to get up to speed quickly. I had to learn two new programs; Wrike and Marketo. I’d used other email management systems (EMS) and project management software, which allowed me to learn both systems quickly.

For the Beer and Book Young Alumni event campaign, I built a total of 58 separate emails for 5 mailings in 6 cities over a period of 5 weeks. I worked closely with the project manager, creative team members and internal client to meet all deployment deadlines.