University of Chicago

August 2019 - August 2020
Launch September 2020
UX/UI design, site redesign

Responsibilities: UX/UI design, strategy, user testing, collaboration with 3rd party vendors

Technology: Adobe XD, Optimal Workshop


Project Summary

1-year contract. UX/UI designer for web redesign and site migration of 250+ page site, integrating new CRM system with new user portal and combining content from 3 sites. Provide UX knowledge and leadership to cross functional creative team.

I was the UX designer for the ambitious redesign and site migration of UChicago’s alumni website. The new site includes a new content hub and expanded user portal. I provided UX and web design expertise to the digital communications team and collaborated with other internal teams and with our two vendors.

One of my key challenges was creating the user experience for the user portal. Functions such as accessing user accounts, registering for events and searching alumni directory were in the process of being developed by a vendor when I joined the project but the user interfaces were so complicated that even the subject matter experts (SMEs) who’d helped to create them could barely use them. Adding to the challenge were multiple institutional stakeholders with conflicting requirements and miscommunication between internal departments and the external vendor. I worked to solve the design problems while building trust and a good rapport with my team and with everyone working internally and externally. I was able to improve communication with the vendor and to dramatically improve the user experience.