Zambo Yoga

Launched February 2016

Responsibilities: Front-end web design and development, strategy, training

Technology: WordPress CMS with premium theme (Canvas by WooThemes) with custom CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Project Summary

I designed and developed a website for a yoga instructor who had never had a website or marketing plan before. Her goal was to reach and expand her audience. She was trained in and practiced two different approaches, taught classes in multiple studios and saw individual clients in their homes and wanted a site that would be able to expand or change as her business grew and changed. As we worked together, I realized that one of her distinctions was her wide range of modalities and services and I helped her to develop and define that message.

Because my client was new to having a website, I researched and recommended web hosting within her budget and an SEO friendly domain name, and then set them up for her. I also researched yoga related websites and discovered that most yoga sites, particularly those advertising yoga teachers, feature stunning photos of yoga teachers with their students in different yoga postures. Because of budget limitations, my client chose not to hire a professional photographer but to use a friend with a good camera. At my recommendation, she set up a couple formal photo shoots instead of having someone photograph during an actual class. I identified types of photos needed for the site, gave suggestions for lighting and background and then edited the photos in Photoshop. I developed the site color scheme based on the photos chosen for the homepage. My client preferred earth tones and wanted a look that was clean and welcoming, so I used greens and browns selected from the photos she provided.

The result was a user friendly, professional looking site that my client loved.