US Tech Solutions

August 2019 - present
Site migration; UX/UI design

Responsibilities: UX/UI design, strategy, user testing, collaboration with 3rd party vendors

Technology: Adobe XD, Optimal Workshop

Project Summary

I’m the lead UX designer for a site redesign and site migration that is combining content from three existing sites and adding new functionality and a new visual design. My role, as a short-term contractor, is to provide UX and web design expertise to the digital communications team. I also work with other teams involved in the project, both within the organization and with outside vendors.

I joined the team mid-project. My first challenge was to facilitate finalizing the site map. I recommended using an online tool that I’ve used before to do user testing, simplifying their plan to test site labels and structure. I collaborated closely with content strategist and other team members.

Another important part of my role is creating wireframes and prototypes in Adobe XD to support a tight design and development schedule. I usually present at least one new set of wireframes per week for approval.