Chicago State University Online Campus

Project completed June 2017

Launched September 2017

Responsibilities: UX/UI Design, Strategy, Visual Design

Technology: OU Campus CMS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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Project Summary

This was a three-month project for the Center of Research Excellence at Chicago State University (CSU). I was brought in as a consultant to identify ways to increase the visibility and effectiveness of their existing and planned online course offerings. CSU has many courses that can be taken online, three completely online degree programs and more courses and programs in development, but there was no one place for students and prospective students to find about online education at CSU.

I spent three months getting to know faculty, staff, administrators and students at Chicago State University and designing a solution for them. I met with as many stakeholders as possible, in formal meetings and presentations and in informal conversations. One of my goals was to use the UX design process as a way to increase visibility of the online offerings as well as to understand the problem and develop solutions. In particular, I found that doing card-sorting exercises with everyone from administrators to students was an excellent way to increase their sense of buy-in.

Based on my conversations with stakeholders and the results of UX exercises, online student surveys and my audit of existing online resources at CSU, I submitted a comprehensive design for a new, 4-page section on the Chicago State web site that was launched in September, 2017. It provides prospective or current students with all of the information they need in order to find, enroll in and take an online course or degree program at CSU in one convenient location. The visual design follows CSU branding and the CSU theme used by OU Campus CMS.